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Already fixed the year problem, see? I told you I was half asleep lol



Alec PoV

"I'm serious" I said rolling my eyes "If you really knew me at all, you would know that I'm never going to marry"

"Funny" he let out a dry chuckle "Because you proposed"

"Bullshit" I narrowed my eyes. I knew what I thought about marrying someone, it was not for me, he had to be lying.

"Why don't you believe me?" he looked confused.

"I can't be married" I felt my stomach drop fearing what he could do if he found out.

"Don't worry, I'm planning to fix that as soon as possible" he spoke dryly while something flashed inside his eyes. I narrowed mine not having anything else to say… like I was about to believe a stranger...I could not be married, and much less to someone as annoying as him. I turned giving him my back and closing my eyes.

Maybe I could sleep now and wake up finding out that it all had been a confusing nightmare...yeah that sounded really good.

"Jace stop playing with that!" I mentally grimaced hearing Izzy yell at Jace…every fucking morning was the same. Determined to get more sleep and forget about the weird dream I had had, I pulled the sheets over my head not paying much mind to the sting in my middle "Alec?" I stopped moving sensing something off with my sister's voice "Are you awake?" I blinked my eyes open instantly feeling something cold inside my chest as I saw what I had over my head.

White, soft hospital sheets

"Come on bro, time to face judgment" said Jace.

"Way to sound dramatic Jace" I took away the sheets before I turned to look at my siblings...only to be intercepted by a bone crushing hug from whom I thought to be my sister "Hey" I whispered hugging her back marveling in the fact that I had kept them alive for another five years.

"You are a complete idiot! I totally hate you! Where were you?" I heard her muffled voice while I bit my lip.

"He doesn't remember" I swallowed hearing Magnus' silky tone.

"Glad to see you finally showered" snorted Jace just when Izzy decided to let me free; I moved my eyes to the door losing my breath in a second. Magnus looked fresh, clean shaved and...colorful. His hair was spiked high, his eyes were purple, his shirt silver, his pants neon blue and his feet covered by stylish black boots...I could not be married to him!

"Hey Magnus" said Isabelle going to give him a hug oblivious to my gaping expression.

"What do you mean he doesn't remember?" inquired Jace giving me a side look.

"What you heard" I spoke hating the familiarity my siblings had with the stranger. Izzy probably liked him for his fashion sense –if that was called fashion and not a walking gay rainbow-, but Jace… he had mayor trust issues, it was so weird to see him relaxed in front of someone other than me or my sister.

"But you remember us" frowned Izzy.

"I don't remember the last five years" I explained.

"That means that you don´t…" she blinked before turning to Magnus, he shook his head not losing his mad expression "But…will you recover it?"

"The doctor says that it´s most likely that I do" I shrugged.

"And here was I, thinking that we would be having an awkward reunion…" mused Jace rolling his eyes. I turned to look at him seeing that the iciness of his voice was not my imagination…what the fuck had I done to them?

"Jace, now it´s not the time" chastised my sister.

"The fuck it isn´t" he snapped glaring at the wall "I´m not about to let him off the hook just because he doesn't remember why I´m pissed at him!" he turned around giving me a first sight of his tense back.

"Care to stop talking like I´m not in the room" I groaned at him "What the fuck did I do to you?"

"It doesn't matter now" sighed Magnus eyeing both of us "The doctor said that he doesn't need more stress, he´s too weak, and the wound it´s too fresh to make things even worse"

"Oh and now you care if I´m riled up?" I raised an eyebrow "Care to tell me who this guy is?" I looked at my siblings having the small hope that he wouldn't be who he said he was.

"I´ll do it!" beamed Isabelle "Dear brother, let me introduce you to your dear and sexy husband Magnus Bane"

Magnus PoV

I watched how his expression turned into a disbelieving one in a second. His beautiful eyes widened almost comically before they closed in what I could only describe as a pained expression.

"What is it?" inquired Jace. I grimaced hating how they could read each other even if the blond was currently giving his back at him.

"How the fuck did I ended up married…to him?" I tried hard not to wince at the incredulous look he was giving me; it was hard to endure this after passing the worst year of my life thanks to that same guy.

"Hey, don't speak like that" blinked Izzy looking quite lost "Why are you so…like that?" she gestured at him, it was weird to see the relaxed affable guy I had fell in love inside that snarky hateful gaze.

"I was asking for explanations first" he raised his fingers "Now…what did I do to you guys?" everybody kept quiet not looking at him. I was fairly interested in my nails musing the whole pros and cons of telling him.

The hell, if he felt bad he pretty much deserved it.

"You left" I spoke slowly fixing my eyes on his "One day we woke up to find a little note telling us that you had to leave, that we shouldn't look for you and that´s it" I shrugged like I wasn't feeling my heart clench at the memories. It all had been so good, maybe too good…I still hadn´t figured out why he had done that.

And now that he was back, he didn't fucking remember a thing…just peachy.

"…okay" he nodded looking thoughtful "I guess I understand now" he grimaced moving his gaze towards his siblings "I´m sorry…I-I…"

"It´s okay, it´s not like you know why you decided to leave" smiled Isabelle completely missing the flash of something inside those baby blues.

How could he know why if he didn't remember a thing?

"Yeah well…" he looked down letting out a breath of air "Mind telling me what has happened in the last five years?"

I felt a stab in my chest seeing him talking to Izzy and Jace, like I was not inside the room, like he couldn't care less if I stayed of left. I knew that it was hard for him to care about me if he hadn´t technically met me, but even when we had first met each other, he had been openly curious, asking shy questions, having nice bonding time over coffee…it had always been easy. He used to have a calm aura around him, like he was happy just to be breathing, but now he looked anxious; the way his gaze kept going at the window or the door made me realized that he was looking for something dangerous, something that would just appear out of nowhere and hurt his loved ones…that was not normal.

Isabelle and Jace looked quite at ease with him, like they didn't notice this behavior or, maybe, like this was normal for him, perhaps he had been like that five years ago. If that was the case, what had happened to Alexander to make him be the man I had fallen for?

I rolled my eyes before moving to rest against the wall. Even if he was all but ignoring me, I could leave. My heart screamed for him so much that, honestly, I couldn't be mad at him, not when he was in this state. He was paler, thinner, beaten…my blood boiled just to think that someone could´ve done that to him. For all I knew he had stumbled inside the hospital, barely alive and asking for me…for fucking me! How was I supposed to react to that? I was confused and I hated being confused truly fucking much.

"Robert found us!" I blinked hearing him. He had never called his father by his name; he had always called him father in a very not-so-caring way, but not like that. Not spitting his name like he couldn't wait to get it out of his mouth in fear of poisoning.

"Yeah" this time his siblings did notice and were –finally- giving him the weird eye "Well not exactly him but his lawyer…he was sick and he wanted us to inherit his empire before he died" explained Isabelle.

"And I went for it? When was this?"

"Almost four years ago…and at first we were all skeptical, but one day you went to our mother´s grave and when you came back you said that she would´ve wanted us to study and have a decent life, so you accepted it" he pressed his mouth in a thoughtful way narrowing his eyes. The expression on his face was the same one he had wore every other day some years ago, when he used to do homework and a fairly hard exercise crossed his path, it was like his facts didn't match the reality, like something was missing.

"That means that…you´re in college" his eyes shined for the first time since he woke up. Like the prospect of seeing his siblings study a real career was the most amazing thing in the world.

Now that was something I was familiar with.

"Yes!" beamed Izzy moving to sit on the bed next to him "I´m studying to become a clothes designer…I´m almost done actually!"

"That´s amazing!" he smiled "And you?" he turned to Jace.

"Philosophy and English language…but I´m also thinking about doing something in PE" he shrugged "One can only do much to be the first sexy philosopher" Alec chuckled before wincing a little.

"You okay?" asked Izzy putting a soft hand above his abdominal bandages.

"I´m good" again, his eyes showed nothing…a clear sign that he was hiding something "It´s pretty awesome that after all, you guys can finally make it" I frowned not liking his tone at all.

"What makes you think they are the only ones?" I spoke for the first time watching how his eyes traveled to me without any hint of surprised. Well at least he hadn´t forgotten about me.

"You´re right" his voice was almost robotic, like he was just saying that because it was expected of him…I needed to know what was going on with him fucking now, I didn't like this one bit "What did I do with my life besides marring a walking rainbow?"

I totally didn't want to smile at the well known endearment. He didn't know that he used to call me that in the privacy of our bedroom, right now he was probably using it as an insult…but apparently my needy heart didn't care about all that.

"You majored in economics and arts" I answered. He frowned.

Really? Every time I said something he gave me the bullshit look…was it all that hard to believe?


"Yes" now it was my turn to frown, he had always told me that that was his first choice, that he only took economics to take care of the family business.

"That´s a complete waste of time" he shook his head "I could not have studied that, I mean economics I can see the use in it, but arts? I´m not even good at arts"

"You have always loved art" said Jace "You even have a freaking drawing-diary or something like that"

"How do you know about it?" he now sported the perfect deer in headlights look…just what kind of shit could he have in that diary?

"You told us, you even showed us some drawings…Alec, really, are all these things that hard to accept? It´s like we´re talking to another person" Jace narrowed his eyes "Was it really that bad five years ago? I know I was just sixteen, but come on…they couldn't be that hard" I knew that Jace used to be a complete jackass to Alec, not caring about what his brother told him to do to keep him grounded or how difficult things were; it was just after we met each other that Alec and Jace had begun to fix their friendship into a strong bond.

"You never cared how hard things were before" he simply said and before any of us could say anything else the doctor walked inside.

"Good morning" he declared oblivious to the tension in the room "How is my favorite patient feeling?"

"Sore, but that´s not new" he shrugged and just then I began to think that for someone that had been severely beaten and stabbed he didn't seem to mind much…and now that I thought about it, Alec had always been pain resistant, he normally ended up in bed before he showed any signs of distress.

"Sore, where? How much does it hurt, sting or burn?" I almost barked knowing that if I didn't say a thing the doctor wouldn't check him how he needed to because Alec would be fixed in his I´m fines.

"My middle obviously" Alec rolled his eyes after sending me a sharp look "And…doc, can I speak to you…alone?" oh my eyebrow just reached my hairline. Like I was going to leave him out of my sight.

"I´m not going anywhere" I glared at his cerulean eyes; he glared back looking like he was having some internal battle before he closed his eyes and let out a big sight.

"Fine! But you two! Out!" he howled at his gaping siblings.

"Why?" whined Isabelle.

"Because I don't need you to hear this…please, get out" Jace sent him a defiant stare before stomping out clearly too pissed to speak, Isabelle shook her head before following her brother and closing the door behind her.

"Okay Alec, what is it?" inquired the doctor.

"My ass hurts" he deadpanned in such Alec-ish way that I couldn't do more than letting out a chuckle, of course he wouldn't want his siblings to know that, I thought to myself…until my brain caught up with everything.

We hadn´t been together in a year…and his fucking ass was sore.

"Well, let me have a look" spoke the doctor while I was having serious trouble trying not to throw a fit right there…of course he had been with other people, what was I expecting? What the hell was I thinking forgetting what he had done to me? I gritted my teeth seeing him put himself in his hands and knees and the doctor checking him "Well it´s a little swollen but nothing out of the ordinary, considering…yeah" he sounded his throat "I´ll give you an ointment for that and in a couple of days you´ll be as good as new" the man grinned at me…of course, for him I was Alec´s husband, nothing odd about giving him a check out "Anything else?"

"I need to be tested" said Alexander in a lower voice "HIV, STD´s…everything, and no, I was not raped" I fisted my hands, somehow this felt a little more of a confirmation. He had an idea where he had been all this time and what I could see, told me that it hadn´t been a good place at all.

"But…" the doctor turned back at me.

"Last night I told you, in the past year we hadn´t seen each other"

"Oh…" murmured the doctor finally getting the drama in the room "Oh well…let me take a sample" he walked to his right getting out two tubes and a syringe before starting to gather his blood "I also need some pee samples, when you feel like it, fill this cup" he explained before putting a cup in his nightstand. He finished gathering the tubes and moved to exit the room "Want me to let your siblings in?"

"In a minute" The doctor nodded closing the door behind him leaving us alone. I let my gaze move back to Alec, he had a calm expression, no traces of that adorable blush that I loved to much…it was odd being that a complete stranger had just inspected his backside and had spoken about STD´s.

"You seem awfully calm about this" I said taking a step closer.

"It´s standard procedure…I do this every time I wake up in a hospital" he returned my look with an icy one "Didn't you know that?" I shook my head.

"You are the healthiest person I know, you never went near a hospital" he snorted at my words.

"Yeah, if I could I would never step inside one again, didn't you ever thought that it was weird? Never wanting to be sick even if I was in the verge of collapsing"

"How do you know that?" I asked weakly thinking that in all this time, perhaps I hadn´t known Alec as much as I thought because I had never thought that it was something behind his normal behavior.

"Because even if I don't remember anything, I know myself and that´s why I don't fully believe a shit you tell me…that´s just not who I am"
New chapter! YAY!

I had to cut it there because well, it was never going to end otherwise lol

Sooo a lot of hints in here, what do you think? Any theories? :) let me know!

Like it? Hate it? Love it?


Take care!
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